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Empowering Futures Through Practical Learning & Local Opportunities

At the Academy, we inspire learners to envision brighter futures offering hands-on apprenticeships and pathways to local employment, driving growth, and prosperity in our community.

Location: 1500 S Western Ave.

Marion, IN 46953


Narrow Your Focus & Engage in Real World Experiences

The apprenticeship experience is not just a job; it's a journey of personal growth and development. It's a deep dive into the foundations of entrepreneurship, focusing on the invaluable assets of durable skills. This strategy is designed to pave the best possible pathway for your future success, allowing you to learn the attributes of Software Development, Logistics, Design, and Customer Service. The eventual outcome is an opportunity to thrive, learn, serve, and collaborate in a vibrant community.

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creative arts

The Creative Arts pathway includes graphic and web design, all aspects of video, and the essential elements of visual communication. Our varied and unique projects allow us to use innovative working methods to solve creative challenges for optimal outcomes.

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If you love exploring ways to increase customer satisfaction and the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving people and facilities, then Logistics is an exciting pathway worth investigating at The Academy.

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This is a pathway for students who embrace technology and its endless possibilities. At The Academy, you will be privileged to work alongside our creative force of seasoned developers specializing in front-end and back-end development.

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customer service

If you find joy in brightening someone's day and believe in the power of exceptional service, our Customer Service role is perfect for you. This position allows you to extend our company's culture of service to customers and empowers you to make a difference, both for the customer and the company.


The Apprenticeship Powered by The Academy

Yearly Salary



Hourly Rate

Yearly Salary


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After completing the two-year apprenticeship through The Academy, the apprentice will transition from the hourly rate of $15.00 to a yearly salary ranging from $40,000-$70,000.

your pathway

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Students enrolled in The Academy can achieve a concurrent two-year associate degree through dual enrollment with our higher education academic partner of Slingshot's sister company, Campus.


Academic Funding can be obtainable through Grant Regional Career Center and The Community Foundation of Grant County for those interested in securing a scholarship to fund associate degrees.

After the two-year apprenticeship, candidates will transition to a professional role–a full-time position with Slingshot, Campus, or another East Central Indiana business seeking Software Developers, Visual Creatives, or Logistics Specialists.


FAQs About the Mission & Purpose of The Academy

What is The Academy about?

The Academy is a two-year apprenticeship designed for high school students or recent graduates interested in fields like software development, logistics, design, or videography. The program employs an innovative apprenticeship model, providing students with transformative life experiences while preparing them for their chosen expertise under the guidance of mentors.

What is The Academy apprenticeship?

The Academy Apprenticeship is an empowering experience where students become apprentices of life and careers. Focused on Software Development, Visual Creativity, and Logistics, participants are instructed, empowered, and equipped to explore their future with creativity. Choosing this apprenticeship means embracing local opportunities and actively contributing to the community's growth and prosperity.

What benefits does The Academy provide?

The Academy offers a unique opportunity for East Central Indiana students to secure employment in specialized fields upon completing their apprenticeship. As apprentices, students not only receive compensation but also fulfill their high school graduation requirements while earning a simultaneous two-year associate degree through dual enrollment with Campus, a higher education academic partner of Slingshot's sister company. The program stands out with its focus on durable skill assets, instilling values such as collaborative exchange, communication essentials, resilience, financial goal-setting, and personal accountability, reinforcing a comprehensive learning experience for students.

What follows after the Apprenticeship?

Upon finishing the two-year Apprenticeship, students will be recognized for their academic accomplishments. Subsequently, apprentices will seamlessly transition into professional roles, securing full-time positions with Slingshot, Campus, or other East Central Indiana businesses actively seeking skilled professionals in Software Development, Visual Creatives, or Logistics.

earn your degree

Take world-class college level courses through Campus during your time at The Academy


art appreciation & experience


college algebra


introduction to philosophy


writing to communicate


introduction to communication


financial strategies for life

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